Visits with Gideon


  • Brother and sister, Sept 1992


“Madam, it’s time to move on with your life. He’s an adult making his own choices and decisions.”

With this, the counselor at Alternatives, a drug rehab program in Montreal, ended my 3rd consult early in 1994, after I learned that my 20-year old son was dealing with addiction. It was the most valuable piece of advice I received. I needed to get my own life back and let him figure out his. I always knew, though, that however difficult I found the situation, his struggle was greater.

This collection of photographs taken on our visits since Gideon set out on his own in 1991, just weeks after his 18th birthday, recalls One in five…, Photographer as Single Mom, an exhibit completed in the early 1990s; in both, the images and what is missing between them, resonate. He was on the move – we did not meet when he was in Colorado or L.A.; nor in Buckeye, Ohio; Deer Creek, Indiana; Portland, Oregon; Victoria or Nelson, BC; Austin, Texas, Seattle and likely other locations as well. I have no photos from Gideon’s trip to Montreal in autumn 2000. Maybe circumstances did not permit photographing or I didn’t feel up to it; maybe the film was lost or negatives ruined. I wish I could recall – it’s an unusual gap.


From Gideon’s comments on Visits with Gideon:

 I’m very touched. It means a lot to be able to see the different phases of my life in a linear progression through your lens. I’m so happy you’re doing this… Looking at these photos is providing me with a bit of a clearer perspective on my situation… I can’t say it’s not a tiny bit painful to see the evidence of my constant seesawing throughout my life, but I’m coming to terms with it.

October 2016