Book Club 2006-2019


  • Judy Rebick, Ten Thousand Roses 2005


I asked my fellow readers to comment on the Collection in 2015, when I first uploaded it to my website:

Greta: The only problem with Judith’s wonderful slide show is that she isn’t in any of the pictures…so it does feel a little incomplete. On the other hand, she really gets the atmosphere of our meetings in the flesh and on the phone. It makes me all nostalgic about us and our comings together.

Arlene: What a great record of our wonderful times together, although I too do wish that we could splice Judith into the photos.

Fran: I agree with Greta that the absence of your image is a great shame, but you sure are present in other ways. I love this, absolutely love it. …I am thrilled with the story it tells and the way it conjures our wonderful journey together.

The book club keeps our unique friendship alive, as we choose together what we want to learn and then share our ideas about new readings, our ideas always shaped by common experiences of so many years together. It is a way of looking back and looking forward, knitting together all that is important to us. We laugh; we learn; we love; we share. What more is there to life?

And finally, in updating the Collection in 2020, I have spliced myself into the Collection via a Skype screen shot and in 1 of the computer images.